Ten Programs of MinSCAT Successfully Passed the Evaluation by the AACCUP


    The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCCUP), Inc. has just released the results of the accreditation of four (4) Graduate and six (6) Undergraduate Programs of MinSCAT conducted on November 22-24, 2017.

             For the graduate programs, two (2) had been subjected to Level III Phase I accreditation – the Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) and Master of Science in Agriculture (MSA) and two (2) underwent Level I evaluation – the Master in Public Administration (MPA) and Master in Business Administration (MBA). While in the undergraduate programs, three (3) were subjected to Level I accreditation, the Bachelor of Elementary Education (Main Campus), BS in Computer Engineering (Bongabong Campus), BS in Information Technology (Calapan Campus) and three (3) underwent the preliminary survey visit, the BA in Political Science (Bongabong campus) and BS in Psychology and BA in English (Calapan Campus).

             The stiff evaluation on the ten (10) areas of each program – VMGO, Faculty, Curriculum and Instruction, Support to Students, Research, Extension and Community Involvement, Library, Physical Plant and Facilities, Laboratories and Administration – had been done by twenty-seven (27) accreditors from the AACCCUP during their three-long strenuous stay in 3 campuses of the College.

             Results recently received by the College show the high ratings given to the programs accredited, which is an eminent indication of the high quality education and other services excellently given by the College to the clienteles – the students.


MinSCAT Scribes Triumphant in 14th Regional Confab

Student-writers of the three campuses bagged numerous awards in the different journalistic contests during the 14th Regional Higher Education Press Conference held in Calapan City on January 17-19, 2018.

 From the Main Campus, Christian Marasigan was hailed champion in Opinion Writing (English) and Editorial Writing (Filipino), third place in Photojournalism (Filipino) and third highest individual pointer. Roberto Ramos was also champion in News Writing (English) and Editorial Writing (English), third place in Feature Writing (English) and 3rd highest individual pointer, while Mary Noemi Santua was champion in Copyreading (English) and second place in Poetry Writing (Filipino). Meanwhile, Chris Sean Paul Nagutom was declared champion in News Writing (Filipino) and fourth place in Poetry Writing (Filipino); Aaron John Pamonag was fourth place both in Dev Comm Writing (English) and Photojournalism (English); and Francis Geneta won the fifth place both in Editorial Cartooning (English) and Literary Graphics Illustration (English). Finally, Joan Pauline Barroga got the fifth place in the Layouting contest.

 The scribes of the Calapan City Campus were also victorious. Mark Erries Alumisin was champion in Literary Graphics Illustration (Filipino), second in Editorial Cartooning (Filipino) and third place in Comic Strip Drawing (Filipino), while Jan Ivan Famatiga and Arden Pimentel were also hailed champion in Sports Writing (Filipino) and Photojournalism (English), respectively. Pimentel also got a place in Layouting. Meanwhile, Rocky Sales won the second place in Poetry Writing (English) and fifth place in Editorial Writing(English) and News Writing (Filipino). Alvin Balmores bagged the second and fifth spots in Sports Writing (English) and Copyreading and Headline Writing (English), respectively. On the other hand, Samantha Ashley De Castro and Danilo Dris Jr. got the second place in Opinion Writing (English) and Literary Graphics Illustration (English), respectively. Kathy Pepito won the following awards: third place in Feature Writing (English), fifth place in Opinion Writing (English), and fourth place in Dev Comm Writing (Filipino); Abegail  Hidalgo and Royel Aceveda were fourth place in Poetry Writing (Filipino) and Photojournalism (Filipino), respectively. The student publication of Calapan City Campus also took home awards in the group contests.

 Student-writers of Bongabong Campus also bagged several awards. Both champions were Mariel Trapal and Paulo Christian De Guzman in Dev Comm Writing (English) and Photojournalism (Fiipino), respectively. De Guzman was also second in Layouting. Arvin Sabida was got the third place in Poetry Writing (Filipino); Allene Ara Mae Moreno was fourth in Editorial Cartooning (English), and Hienrich Manalili was fourth in Comics Strip Drawing (English).

 MinSCAT writers were among the 90 delegates of the 11 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from MIMAROPA who competed during the 14th RHEPC which is held yearly to determine the writers that will be sent to the annual Luzonwide Higher Education Press Conference. Mary Noemi D. Santua

Recent LET yields 100% BEEd passers from MinSCAT Main

BSEd program gets 93.65% rating

                September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) revealed 100% passing rate and 93.65 % rating for the MinSCAT Main Campus’ Bachelor of Elementary Education and the Bachelor of Secondary Education programs, respectively.

                All four first time BEEd examinees passed the exam while 59 out of the 63 first takers in the BSEd program made it. Said BSEd passers consist of twenty (20) graduates with major in Biological Sciences; seven (7) Filipino, thirteen (13) Mathematics, and 15 English. The four other passers were either graduates of the previous years or were Educ unit earners. Meanwhile, out of the 17 repeaters, nine (9) passed the examination. The result shows MinSCAT Main Campus’ overall performance of 85 % in the September LET – Secondary Level.

                The newly licensed professional teachers were later recognized in a convocation held on January 8, 2018.  Selected LPTs were given a chance to share their experiences upon taking the examination.

                The result of the examination which was administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) last September 24, 2017 in different testing centers nationwide was released November 4, 2017, wherein out of 107, 020 examiners, 49, 626 passed in the Secondary Level while among 80, 509 examinees, 21, 198 passed in the Elementary level. By Roberto Ramos.