Progressive, sustainable and technologically-equipped Mindoreño farmers, fisherfolks and industry workers by 2020.


To effectively and efficiently provide agricultural, fishery and industrial technologies and services for Mindoreños.


  1. Conduct client-centered R and D programs;
  2. Establish and strengthen R and D linkages and partnership;
  3. Conduct trainings, seminars and workshops;
  4. Provide necessary support systems for technology dissemination.


  1. To undertake researches in education, agriculture, fishery and technology-related areas for social and economic development in the province of Oriental Mindoro;
  2. To establish and strengthen research linkages with various national and international research agencies, either government or non-government organizations;
  3. To develop means of communication channels for effective dissemination of generated, variable technologies;
  4. To develop means of translating research results for greater productivity to improve the quality of life.