Doc Levy’s first SCA underscores developmental plans

On the occasion of the 68th Founding Anniversary, Dr. Levy B. Arago, Jr., President of the Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology (MinSCAT), delivered his first ever State of the College Address (SCA) held at the C.E. Cabanilla Memorial Hall of MinSCAT Main Campus, August 26, 2019.

By MinSCAT - Genelita E. Hernandez Date 2019-08-26

The President emphasized on working harder towards becoming a university. He said that this is a dream which is difficult to achieve but he is confident to attain this goal with the support of all faculty, staff, students, and the entire community. Further, he said that his statements reveal a story of transformation - creating the spirit of initiative and enthusiasm between and among MinSCATTEAns towards expanding knowledge and changing lives in serving communities. It is recognizing each other’s unyielding commitment to the College vision and mission.

With certainty, the President reported the developmental efforts that the College undertakes and shared some of the initiatives and plans that would serve as strategic steps to ensure continuing commitment for excellence in instruction, research, development, and extension, and production. He challenged the key officials and the whole MinSCAT community to work hand in hand with the administration towards achieving the goal of expanding collaboration and internationalization.

Further, he stated that MinSCAT needs to continue to grow and strengthen global partnerships and look to the future for further strategic opportunities and global engagements along the areas of concerns. He ended by challenging every member of the MinSCAT Community to work continually for renewed commitment and together take the next steps and define what it means to be a leading state university in the 21st century.

The SCA highlighted the celebration which was attended by the MinSCATTEAns in Long Dress Parade, with special participation of all key officials in the three campuses.